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You will agree with us that in your closet, handbags are the one item that are often used. While you may love clutches, sling bags, totes, satchels or Hobo bags, you will probably attest that handbags are very practical items that any woman must have. Many of us women have fallen victim of “impulse buying” on many occasions; however with with handbags, there can never be an impulse shopping. For those women who want to leave a fashion statement, or just want a simple look that stands out, we have got you covered with our extensive collection of handbags. We have any kind of handbag for every occasion, style and all at very affordable prices.

Fashion statement, self-expression or status? Most women would say all of them while others will choose one or two. Whatever reason one might have, the truth is handbags have become the most treasured accessories for women in the 21st century. Even the simplest women who would confess that handbags are not their thing would certainly testify that they own a couple of them in their closets. Evidently, handbags mean a lot to women. In Kenya, one would rarely spot a woman without a handbag. Handbags are a must have! It’s like having a little house that you carry around.

Any woman habitually wants a handbag that is not too heavy and has enough room for all the items that they never leave behind. As such, a handbag does more than complement a look or a fashion style. It conveys something about the person carrying the bag. Whether you are carrying a fake, new, favorite, a pre-owned, luxury or a new handbag, it tells people the kind of person you are. It expresses oneself and tells people where you belong on the social scale, on economic terms, and on fashionable terms as well. Just like any accessory that women use, a handbag is symbolic yet functional telling people where we belong.

Everyone deserves a little something that sets them apart from the world and a little taste of glamour and luxury. While other people may afford other forms of luxury such as luxurious apartments overlooking the beach or an expensive car, for most women, a Victoria handbag or a Kenyan made designer handbag is enough to make them feel part of the world and inspire confidence.

Kenyan women are fond of having three kinds of handbags, a clutch, a tote or a sling bag. Walk to any event, any office or even just the streets, and you will spot quite a number of women carrying one of these three types of bags. They are almost a necessity for any woman in this country. They have become so common that jokes are made about them especially tote bags. Besides matching handbags with a particular outfit, Kenyan women are known to carry stuff like makeup, an extra pair of shoes, sandals, coffee cups, phone, lunch, books, and any other necessities. It is no wonder the bags are always seen to be full. It is funny that one can spot a woman with a seemingly heavy  handbag yet they are just going to spend the day in an office.  Truth is handbags are the number one friend a woman can have, and just like friends are to a woman, one can never have enough, you keep needing more in every new dawn.

Being a lady means putting into consideration several factors when picking a handbag and when carrying a handbag. Among the many factors, is color and size. Bags that ladies carry on a particular day depending on where they are going, the occasion on that day and the number of items they will carry in that bag. The color of the bag normally depends on the outfit which entails the color of the shoes, belt and any other accessories that they have on. As mentioned earlier, a handbag is an accessory that should also complement the look. For most women, black, brown, dark blue and white are a must have since they can be worn with most outfits in their closets. Nonetheless, other women prefer a range of colors with colors being invented every time a new bag comes in.

The three types of bags mostly carried in Kenya are amazing. One limits a person from carrying too many items while the other allows a person to carry literally anything. The tote bag has been known for centuries. Most probably it was invented a few years right after the time when women had pockets sewn in under their clothes to carry their essentials. The tote bag is big and can carry several items inside of it. Today the tote has been reinvented to include many pockets inside and outside for easy organization of items.

The clutch, which most probably is any girls favorite piece to take to a date, is a very simple bag that limits one on the number of things carried. It is small and can be carried by hand without the help of strings. It is also big enough to accommodate, a phone, and a few ATM cards and bank notes. The sling bag is another of a favorite piece that any lady would carry to church, work or even a night out. It is a simple bag that comes in many designs and shapes. It is probably the most common bag among young ladies due to its simplicity and the amount of space it has. It may not be as big as a tote bag but has just enough space for a phone, a small wallet, and even makeup.

Since handbags are a woman’s favorite item when getting out of the door, this site has taken the trouble of getting all types of handbags and keeping them all at one place. We have all your favorite types of handbags and many more other types of handbags to make your shopping experience fun. What can be more fun than being the first one to introduce a new kind of trend with your unique handbag?  Have fun shopping!!