Karura Forest- Picnic Site

It is an urban forest that is found in the confines of the Nairobi city metropolitan. The forest is currently managed and run by the Kenya Forest Service partnering with Friends of Karura Forest. Friends of Karura Forest is an NGO that was founded by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai and other conservationists. Due to its proximity to an expanding city, there have been plans to reduce the forest to accommodate more structures. It has brought about conflict with conservationists who oppose the idea vehemently. Nature Walk at the Karura Forest The forest is famous for its serene environment for nature trails. There is a trail that connects Old Kiambu Road with Limuru Road that is approximately four kilometers. The walk provides you with an opportunity to bond excellently with nature. You can decide to do picnics in the forest at the designated picnic sites. The spectacular picnic spots include Karura Gardens, Ruaka swamp, KFEET center, near the Amani Garden, and Sigiriya. These are amazing locations that are a must-see once you visit the Karura forest. Trail Biking Tourists and visitors can hire multi-speed trail bikes at the forest and proceed on designated forest trails. There are two bike depots in the woods. One is at the KFEET grounds that is accessible via Gate A or Gate D, and another rental point is situated at Gate C. The charges are usually Ksh 500/- for a two hour touring of the shattering forest. On a bike, you will enjoy all the natural beauty of Mother Nature in the woods and cool your mind from the relaxed atmosphere. However, you need to exercise caution as you are biking as walkers and joggers are trailing the forest to avoid any accidents. Dog Walking Many visitors fancy dogs walking their beloved pets in this unruffled environment. Give your dog a memorable experience by trailing with them in this calm environment of the forest. It gives them sheer joy as they seem to be free from the bondage of the house all the time. In the forest, they have a chance to breathe fresh air and walk about on designated trails. There are, however, dog rules that should be adhered to while at this picnic site. The forest management states categorically that having a dog in the forest is a privilege and not a right. Your dog should not disturb the peace of other visitors.   Play Tennis at Karura At the KFEET grounds is a sizeable tennis court for visitors to enjoy their time playing tennis. Tennis enthusiasts must book in advance to avoid inconveniences. Tennis is among the favorite action attractions in the Karura forest. The sport is cherished by many, and even newbies will always want to feel a touch of the captivating game. There are also other enticing activities to undertake at Karura forests such as tree-planting, bird-watching, exhibitions, weddings, jogging, and team-building events. Bottom Line Karura forest is a hypnotizing environment for unwinding, bonding with nature and a thrilling picnic site. The lots of activities that can be done in the forest prove that the place can relieve off your stress and worries. Escape to this vast ‘city forest’ and unwind from the week’s pressure on a relaxed and refreshing weekend.    

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