Panari Sky Center

Panari sky center is a sleek modern hotel and shopping facility located in Kenya’s capital city. It houses several banks, entertainment centers and boutiques that make it a spellbinding destination for tourists. The center is situated at a prime location that is easily accessible from the central district of Nairobi. It is famously known for its ice skating rink which is just an irresistible experience.

Why Visit Panari Grounds?

Ice Skating

This remains an exciting place for skating enthusiasts. Ice skating at the Panari sky center is by far the major tourist attraction feature. It is an architectural wonder as it is the only one of the kind in East Africa. The ‘park’ is only a few kilometers from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. This technically means it is strategically located as your number one stopover once you jet into the country.

The fantastic Ice skating rink accommodates around two hundred skaters at a time while giving each skater sufficient space even to try out new tricks. There is freedom of movement on the arena to allow you to enjoy your time there. For the newbies, some professional trainers will assist you, and you can decide to skate in groups, as a family and be entertained to the fullest. Skating boots are available for hire at the rink. You do not have to worry if you do not possess one. Ice skating is a beguiling experience, and you should definitely try out the Panari center.

Flashy Hotel

The Panari sky center is equally not complete without the flamboyant Panari hotel. This classy facility is fitted with state of the art gym equipment. A gym instructor is readily available to always assist with the workouts. Panari hotel boasts of a clean well maintained swimming pool and spa for relaxing your body off after a long day at work.

Jacuzzis and saunas are available to visitors at a fee to ensure your stay at Panari hotel remains cozy and memorable. You could also subscribe to the Panfry fitness club annually to access the fitness services regularly and maintain that perfect body shape. Trendy and snuggly accommodation rooms are available at the welcoming Panari hotel. You can spend a night there, two nights, a week or even a month at the fancy hotel depending on your budget.


At the Panari facility, there are several joints that one can grab a drink or meal at any time. Coffee shops are in plenty for those who love their cup of coffee warm. Delicacies from the Panari hotel are on another level. Finger-licking cuisines are always available and waiting for you to order. Moroccan and Brazilian cuisines are offered at the hotel, so you have a wide variety of meals to choose from.

Bottom Line

The Panari sky center is such a magnificent place to hang out with friends and family. There are lots of fun activities to undertake especially the ice skating rink. It gives you a phenomenal sensation that leaves you craving for more.

It is of course, without forgetting that there is a movie theatre at the facility. You can enjoy your favorite movies with your spouse or friend at this ov

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