Uhuru Park Recreational Centre

Uhuru Park is a recreational center where both locals and tourists can go and get to enjoy the relaxed and serene environment that the park offers. It is also at this monumental place that one gets to have a pleasant view of the overlooking flashy Nairobi city.

Recreational facilities

Nairobi people have for long used Uhuru Park for recreation, social events, and picnic activities. There is an artificial lake where you could enjoy a boat ride with family or friends, several monuments and an assembly ground which has become famous for skating on weekends. The arena hosts local skating competitions, expanding the skating culture in the region.

The ground is also used for religious and occasional political gatherings. An interesting factor is that the park can also be used for a photoshoot since it contains well-maintained paths, water ponds with bridges, and a photogenic skyline. With all these fantastic features in the park, you can take killer photos at different spots of the magnificent Nairobi city.

Events associated with the Recreational Center 

Wangari Maathai and her followers held a protest at the park trying to stop the construction of the Kenya Times Media Trust business complex. This led to her forceful eviction from office by the government. The foreign investors decided to pull out of the project due to the government’s response to the protests.

Also, it is at this recreational facility that six people were killed and more than ninety injured after a bomb blast. The bomb was said to be targeting a “NO” campaign rally for the referendum.

Haven of Tranquility

Take some time off your busy city life and enjoy what this spectacular park has to offer. There are lots of fun activities to do as a family or with friends. The gracefully moving water at the artificial lake makes the environment look so much relaxed and calm. An itinerary on the lake will leave you yearning for more hours because it exposes you to all the corners of the marvelous historical park.

For those who are water-phobic, you can relax on the attractive evergreen grass in the park and overlook the country’s capital. Activities such as camel riding and horse riding can also be found in the park though occasionally. Quad bikes for kids are available so you can give them a ride of their lifetime at Uhuru Park. The national podium is another attractive feature at the park that can never go unnoticed. It is brightly colored with the colors of the national flag. It is an excellent spot for taking stunning photographs.

On the upper side of Uhuru Park is a very tall flag mast that hoists high the Kenyan flag. The park brings Kenyans together in a way as many converge here during national holidays and the festive season too. It is a sensational entertainment and recreational facility where people go to reminisce and unwind from past ordeals.

Take Away

Uhuru Park is both a recreational center and a historical park. It holds with its great heritage and history of past events that have happened in the country. All in all, it is a serene environment where you can take your family for an outing or visit for leisure purposes and enjoy a wonderful time.

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