Lake Nakuru National Park

Magnificent Lake Nakuru National Park is among the most visited and treasured parks in Kenya. The park is full of tourist attractions such as the ever blaring sea of pink flamingoes and wildlife aside from the excellent climate around the area.

Gazetted in 1960 as a bird sanctuary, Lake Nakuru national park was upgraded to a higher status (National Park) in 1968, and it is home to a variety of wildlife and species of birds. The highest number of rhinos in the country is found in this bewildering park. The lake supports the immense growth of Cyanophyte Spirulina platensis, which is blue-green in color and provides food for the water birds.

The park is orchestrated with scenic views from the surrounding environment. Waterfalls and the rocky slopes provide stunning outlooks over the acacia forest.  Flamingoes are not the only birds that give this lake a panoramic view; there are kingfishers, cormorants, pelicans, storks, eagles, herons as well as ostriches. Scenes here are quite busy, full of color and bountiful too.

More Attractions

The birds are just the tip of the iceberg on what the national park in Kenya has to offer. Wildlife is abundant here with some rare and endangered species found in the park. It is only in very few selected game parks in Kenya where you will see the Rothschild’s Giraffe, including Lake Nakuru national park.

At this thrilling park, you will experience the beauty of the white rhino mainly found on the shores of the lake. This park also houses the most significant number of black rhinos in Kenya. Hippos, zebras, olive baboons and colobus monkeys ignite a sparkle in this phenomenal park. Visitors have the chance to encounter the big safari wildlife such as cheetah, lion, leopard, and buffaloes here.

Lake Nakuru national park is fenced to safeguard the endangered species and keep them away from poachers. That is the reason why you will not find any elephants here as they require a vast area to roam freely.

The hot spot where you are almost sure to find lions in the park is the southern end of the Lake. That is in the forested region just below Flamingo Hill. Lions are known to hang out in the trees, but leopards also visit the area occasionally.

The unique vegetation found in Lake Nakuru national park is another attraction that brings tourists from all over the globe. More than 550 distinct plant species can be found in the confines of the park. Hills surrounding the park will also give you sensational views of the spectacular Rift Valley and the lake at large. Numerous viewpoints can be easily accessed to enjoy breathtaking outlooks on that part of the country. They include the baboon cliff, out of Africa, and lion hill.

The ideal time to visit this park is during the dry season as flamingoes will be more in the lake, and animals will often find their way to the shores of the lake.


The white rhino is a scarce species and only found in this park. Ensure you plan an itinerary to this majestic park and enjoy more scenic views of wildlife and flamingoes among other birds as they fly away and land on the lake. It is usually a very bright outlook.

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