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How about a visit to Masai Mara? Mombasa beaches? Or is it Tsavo National Park? Wait a minute, did you forget Amboseli National Park? Lake Naivasha? Fort Jesus?

Urgh, this is so confusing for foreigners. We are here to put it straight; look no further.

We are a world-class Travel agency that is committed to giving you an exceptional travel experience in Kenya.  Kenya is currently a leading  destination for millions of tourists across the globe. Nevertheless,  the visitors often face a change deciding when to visit, where to visit, how to visit and how costly it is likely to be!

We are here to provide you with  real-time data on any question that you may have regarding Kenya as a country and tourism in specific. We are Kenyan based and hence understand all the prevailing dynamics affecting the country, besides being vastly acquainted with the major tourist detonations that you do not wanna miss.

Having visited the majority if not all  attraction sites in Kenya and East Africa, we are better placed at crafting an ideal trip plan to Kenya. We giving unbiased professional advice that will clear your head and make travel decisions simple and logical. Our charges are also  reasonable and quite flexible.

Our Mission and Vision 

 Our mission is to  grant the wishes of  the  Kenyan tourists  and make their experience exceptional.

 Our vision is to impart a sense of gratification in every travel!