Top 10 Dazzling Beaches in Kenya

Kenya’s coastline is full of sizzling tropical beaches with unique sceneries. Lamu beach seems more cultural and reserved, while Nyali beach looks flashy and modernized because of the proximity to Mombasa. Along the incredible beaches are unspoiled resorts offering cultural and local cuisines to visitors.

These incredible sandy beaches attract lots of tourists to the coastal side of the country as there are lots of water sports, among other fun activities to indulge in here. The Kenyan beaches provide visitors an avenue to enjoy themselves via sky diving in Diani beach, snorkeling, and also bask enjoying the panoramic scenes of the ocean. With all their elegance and beauty, here are the best beaches in Kenya to visit.

  1. Immaculate Nyali Beach

Found to the north of Mombasa, Nyali beach is one of the best sandy beaches in Kenya just five kilometers from Mombasa. It has an extensive beachfront giving you sufficient room to engage in fun and exciting games while having a spectacular view of the blue waters.

There is a five-kilometer space for you to enjoy. The beach attracts lots of tourists all year-round because of the beautiful sceneries. Volleyball and football players enjoy the space on this magnificent beach, and anyone is virtually welcome to join them. Marine life found on this beach also makes it among the top ten desired destinations by tourists. Visitors can engage in distinctive water sports like water rafting, kite surfing, among others on this striking beach.

  1. Enchanting Diani Beach

Diani is among the most beautiful and popular beaches along the Kenyan coastline. This stunning beach is to the south of Mombasa some 30 km away. This destination provides you with a tranquil environment where you can relax and enjoy the direct warmth of the sun on the sandy soil.

Famously known for underwater sandbars, widespread palm vegetation, and magical coral-reefs, this pristine beach is a delightful haven for surfing and swimming too. A variety of accommodation with hostels, beach resorts, and hotels are available here with exquisite and cozy services. Diani is just one of the magical places where you can go and have mind-blowing fun with family and friends.

  1. Dynamic Bamburi Beach

Just 10 km from the coastal city, Bamburi is home to numerous sandy beaches. Among the spectacular beaches here include the renowned Jomo Kenyatta public beach. Many people refer to this beach as Pirates beach.

It is the largest public beach in Kenya with so many fun activities. If you are the kind of party people and you love populated beaches with many merchants selling local products, then this is your go-to destination.

On this beach, you can engage in plenty of exciting activities such as paddling, kite surfing, and even diving. The marine park also stretches up to this end of the coast, and so you will get magnificent views of marine life in the water. Pirates Beach is also easily accessible via any means that is either private or public transport.

  1. White Sandy Paradise of Lamu

The island of Lamu has lots of sandy beaches and striking sceneries for visitors to enjoy. They have the ultimate environment to enjoy a vacation away from home with family. This bewildering destination is more cultural than the other coastal beaches.

The conventional means of transport here are donkeys. You can plan an itinerary on dhows to explore the island and its magnificence. Two famous beaches stand out from the rest on this island, and they include Shela beach and Manda Bay. These beaches have a serene atmosphere and a peaceful ambiance with a touch of color and cultural features.

Luxurious resorts surround these beaches, offering you the best of Kenyan cuisines. From here, you could cruise to the Mombasa marine park and engage in snorkeling or even have a swim with the dolphins. Visit Lamu Island and have an excellent time with friends as the place is ever enticing.

  1. Nature’s Bliss: Shanzu Beach

It is among the few beaches in Kenya with numerous hotels, restaurants, bars, and beach resorts where visitors can have a good time as they explore the Kenyan sandy beaches. Proximity to Mombasa gives this beach a lively touch of class as it is only 30 km from the city. The beach offers tourists pleasant views of the ocean ahead and the enchantress of the Kenyan coast.

Shanzu beach orchestrates an area sprinkled with pebbles, sand and clear waters. Lots of palm trees are also found here on this coastline, giving you a relaxing sensation and peaceful time on the beach. It is where you can engage in fun water sports activities such as surfing, boat racing, and skiing. Since Mombasa is just nearby, you can go shopping and have fun in the city from other itineraries.

  1. Stunning Kilifi Beach

It is a beach full of the resort experience. Located to the north of Mombasa, this beach is enclosed with dense trees, and on the other side, it is bordered with the deep blue sea enhancing glorious views of the horizon. The soft ‘sugar sand’ found in Kilifi beaches make it a haven for tourist to bask and enjoy the scenic views as they absorb the rays from the sun.

You could cruise the ocean in a dhow and explore the deep sea on an evening observing the breathtaking view as the sun sets on the other side. The resorts along this coastline have fresh seafood that you would kill to have a bite. Bars in this area have local drinks known as ‘dawas’ that are so much loved by the locals. A vacation in Kilifi would automatically be simply magical.

  1. Unforgettable Watamu Beach

If you have not yet visited Watamu, then you are missing out on a lot of mad fun. One is that Watamu is just close to a tropical forest, Arabuko Sokoke national park. You bet the magic that brings with it being near a forest: the serenity of the environment. The picturesque beach is sparsely populated and extremely clean. No pollution happens on this beach, and as a result, it should be your dream destination.

The fact that the beach is not populated gives tourists the space to engage in water sports such as diving, kite-surfing, snorkeling, and even fishing. One surprising fact about this beach is that it

forms part of the renowned marine national park. It has clear waters and enclosed by coral reefs making this haven ideal for the activities aforementioned.

  1. A Surreal Tiwi Retreat

Tiwi Beach is among the most beloved beaches in Kenya. Situated in Kwale, which is just near the coastal city, this beach gives tourists an unforgettable experience. From the palms swaying rhythmically due to the ocean cool breeze to the deep sky blue waters and a very jovial marine life, Tiwi beach will offer you a fantastic experience that you will live to tell.

It is rarely crowded; therefore, you have privacy as you engage in fun and exciting activities on the beach. Tiwi can be accessed via a ferry ride, which is spectacular in itself. Experience small tidal pools on this beautiful beach when the tides are low.

  1. Coastal Utopia Malindi

Malindi beach is significant because of the historical happenings that went down when the Portuguese first landed in Kenya. Vasco da Gama first touched down on this beach, and a beacon was constructed known as Vasco da Gama pillar found in this stunning beach.

Aside from the historical significance, Malindi beach has a lot to offer to tourists. One thing that is widely known by many is that this beach has the best scenes of all the coastal beaches in Kenya. The deep blue waters, remarkable marine life, and sandy beaches make it a haven of tranquility worth your time.

You can never get enough of this beach any time you visit. Hanging cliffs and coral reefs give Malindi beach a sense of sporting activities hub for snorkeling and scuba diving.

  1. The Divine Gazi Beach

It is a serene getaway located on Chalet Island. The beach is only a short distance from Gazi town, technically 3 km. It is a private beach in Kenya since it is on an island and some distance from its main town. However, it is easily accessible as there are ready means of transport to take you to this resounding tourist destination.

You will explore the island as you enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful ocean and the evergreen palm trees as you take in the cool breeze. On this island are numerous beach resorts with mouth-watering Kenyan delicacies, and after a tasty meal, you can head on to the sea for a swim, surf or cruise.

Take Away

Beaches in Kenya are among the best in Africa due to several reasons. First, they are sandy beaches with deep sky blue waters offering magnificent views; then the climate at the Kenyan coast is also favorable all year round. The third factor is that there are numerous high-end resorts to check in and engage in various water sports activities along the Kenyan coastline. Marine life along the coast also flourishes, giving visitors a chance to experience their ambiance in their natural habitat