Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Mombasa

Mombasa is technically the second-largest city in Kenya. The town is influenced mostly by Asian and Middle Eastern traditions because there exists a strong bond between them commercially. This cosmopolitan tourist hub is full of surprises. The city is filled with several mind-blowing fun-filled activities and itineraries.

Mombasa boasts of a vibrant cultural and historical background dating back to when Portuguese first set foot in the country. There is a lot to learn about all their activities during the pre-colonial era. The sandy beaches give the town a lovely livelihood from the hundreds of tourists flocking the Kenyan coasts. The visitors usually leave with splendid tales to narrate.

Here are the top 10 reasons your next trip should be in Mombasa.

Built-in 1593 by the Portuguese, this unique old Fort is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it attracts visitors from all over the world. It is among the top tourist attraction in the city, and there is no way you can visit Mombasa and fail to find your way here.

An Italian architect, Cairati, designed fort Jesus, and it resembles the military architecture that Portuguese employed back in the 16th-century. The magnificent Fort Jesus houses a museum that was built over the garrison’s former barracks.

The museum showcases a vast collection of pottery and ceramics that reflect cultural and economic activities that went on at the coast there before. The Fort was, however, taken by the Arabs, and they used it as prison cells and torture rooms for the slaves. They were kept here in captivity before they were shipped to different destinations to be sold. There is so much to learn at this exhilarating Fort on the coast of Kenya.

It is among the busiest offshore reserves in Kenya. It protects the gorgeous looking mangroves, sandy beaches, the bluish overlooking coral reefs, and seagrass beds. The action attractions on the marine national park are snorkeling and diving.

The ideal spot for these gratifying events is around the areas of Mtwapa creek to Likoni entrance to the south. There is a beautiful marine life that inhabits this reserve, such as stingrays, eels, and seahorses. There is also a famous wreck dive in this reserve from the MV Dania, which is a very ravishing event to engage in.

You also have the opportunity to watch marine creatures from a glass-bottom boat in case you wish to remain dry. Several beaches on the coast provide access to the reserve, such as Bamburi, Shanzu, and Nyali.

This center is categorically the largest crocodile farm in East Africa. Located in Nyali, this village center houses the most dangerous and aggressive riverine creatures. Tourists have the chance to learn all about these amphibians, how they kill prey, their life cycle, their behaviors when angry or provoked, and so much more.

In the center, you will also have the opportunity to tour an enchanting botanical garden that has an aquarium. Horseback riding is also available for horse lovers. Many people, however, love this place more because of the fights for tasty morsels by the crocodiles when it is meal time.

Haller Park is ideal for animal enthusiasts. It was formerly known as Bamburi Nature Trails and was founded back in 1971. It was an inspirational project that was converted to a flourishing nature reserve from abandoned limestone quarries.

There is a fish farm in the park and also lots of brilliant wildlife to observe here. In this park is where you will find the phenomenal interspecies couple that blew up the internet. It was when an orphaned hippo, Owen, was adopted by a 130-year-old tortoise. Over 160 species of birds can also be observed in the park.

Some of the birds include pelicans, weaver birds, cranes, and storks. You could decide to cycle or walk down the paths that wind through a sensational reptile park, the groves of casuarina, various crocodile pens, and a palm garden.

The Bombolulu workshop is a project that was commissioned by the physically challenged association and has a cultural center, four sheltered workshops, and a restaurant. At the center’s aesthetic grounds, tourists and visitors can enjoy the distinct ethnic dance performances. They will also get to learn more about traditional homesteads that are found in Kenya.

You can visit the workshops and explore the diverse skills and knowledge in crafting works and purchase some. Some of the ornaments you will find here are wood carvings, jewelry, leather crafts, and textiles. Consider promoting the practices at this center as the proceeds go back to the facility and help sustain it for future generations. After the itinerary, you could hop into the restaurant and have a taste of the mouth-watering Kenyan delicacies.

Generally, the northern part of Mombasa has many tourists compared to the southern coast. It owes to the fact that the beaches on the north side appear livelier and full of fun. The resorts on this side of Mombasa are closer to the city and also closer to the airport. The north coast beaches enclose crystal clear waters for easy visibility of the aquatic life.

There are also spectacular palm-lined beaches with coral reefs that are easily accessible. This part of the city has lots of fantastic water sports like jet skiing with renowned five-star resorts always ready to welcome visitors. Entertainments joints are also numerous in the northern beaches and all these remarkable events attract more and more tourists every year.

The northern side of the city is where the marine national park borders the coast with drop-offs and multi-hued coral gardens, among other fun and exciting things to do. While driving to the north from Mombasa, Nyali beach is the first action attraction. You will find luxurious hotels and shops here on the beach. As you move on farther north, you are sure to locate the sensational Shanzu and Bamburi beaches. They offer stupefying tourist hubs with luxury resorts and hotels.

Karting is a racing event on tracks using a tiny 4-wheeled rear-engined vehicle. Most of the famous rally drivers started at this stage, such as Lewis Hamilton. It is an enjoyable experience for anyone as you race your opponents. It is an ideal spot for family or friends to get together.

There are several other activities you can engage in while at the Mombasa go-kart. A vast playground to participate in different gaming activities like archery is also available. There is paintball, bulldozing operations, and mechanical bull riding for you to enjoy. The playground also offers video games to your kids and a massive trampoline for them too.

These tusks are the beacon of Mombasa. Located at Moi Avenue, you cannot visit Mombasa and fail to take a photo here. They form a letter M that tells everyone you were once in Mombasa. Many locals, even from inland, the country love being associated with the city and the paradigmatic elephant tusks.

Erected in 1952 in commemoration of Queen Elizabeth’s visit, these tusks are made up of aluminum, and they mark the grand entry into the city. Just next to the tusks is a gorgeous park

with beautiful scenic views. There are flowers planted all over the park giving it a lively atmosphere and serene environment to cool off from the sun. Take a stroll in the park and breath in natural air from the fresh plants around the park.

It is the most popular public beach around Mombasa. Lots of activities go on at the Pirates beach, including camelback riding and swimming in the ocean. For those who do not know how to swim yet, you could hire a tube to assist you in staying afloat on water.

There is also seafood available at the beach. Enjoy these tasty delicacies fresh from the water more so in the mornings. It is, of course, never a dull moment on this beach as it is usually full of life and visitors.

Mombasa’s nightlife is another reason you got to visit the city as your next tourist destination. The town becomes very lively at night with flashy clubs all over the city and the outskirts. Clubs like Bella Vista, Bobs, The Lounge, and Sheba will leave you asking for more action throughout the night.

The crazy nightlife in Mtwapa is something to look forward to as the clubs here will make sure you head home stress-free and so much relaxed. They will offer you a night of spanking memories. Chilled out high-end clubs like Bliss Lounge and Casablanca Club will make you want to live in Mombasa never to go back home.

Bottom Line

Mombasa city is an incredible tourist hub with lots of exciting and fun activities to explore. The sandy beaches give you a serene environment to enjoy the moment and make the best out of it. The weather on the Kenyan coast is another favorable factor that makes Mombasa your next stop.

There is sufficient sunshine and warmth throughout the year; that is just perfect for a coastal city. Explore the magnificence of the town and enjoy all the beautiful historical sites while learning the history and heritage of the city.