Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Nairobi

The country’s capital and the largest city in Eastern Africa have a lot of elegant, unique features and sites to offer. The name Nairobi is a Maasai word, one of the communities in Kenya, and it stands for calm waters. This eloquent city started as a humble camp back in 1899 for railway workers. It was then declared British East Africa capital in 1907. Today the megacity has a vibrant history, and many museums to rubber-stamp the same. There are also several chill spots and fascinating tourist attractions to quench your traveling thirst. Isn’t it amazing to have a wildlife park within the vicinity of a major city? Well, the bustling Nairobi allows you to interact with wild animals. The Nairobi National Park is just a few minutes’ drive from the skyscrapers of the city. In fact, this cosmopolitan capital is the only city in the world with a safari park within its confines. The following are the amazing heritage sites and attractions in Kenya’s capital.

  1. Nairobi National Museum

This is one of the most admired and visited places in Nairobi all year round. The museum houses all the ancient cultural, economic, and social activities of the people of Kenya. There is a vibrant history to learn here, including the famous railway line built during the colonial era.

Nairobi National Museum houses information from way back during the pre-colonial era. Here you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the evolution of man and how he survived back then. Fossils from Lake Turkana and other archeological sites can be found here as well as over 900 stuffed mammals and bird species. Local and ethnic artistic works are displayed in the museum from the different Kenyan tribes. There is also a superb and eloquent Geology Gallery where you will explore an evoking collection of minerals and rocks. Just adjacent to the museum is a snake park that houses the most common and venomous reptiles found in Kenya. Visit the Nairobi National Museum for a thrilling experience.

  1. Nairobi National Park

It is Kenya’s first national park. The park is only a few kilometers from the central business district. Of course without forgetting it is the only park in a cosmopolitan city, which is also a sanctuary for rhinos.

This magnificent park pays homage to over 50 rhinos, which are now an endangered species. While here you will enjoy beautiful gazelles grazing gracefully, cheetahs, warthogs, buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, ostriches, and also unusual bird species which are over 400 varieties. Nairobi safari park is located within the park, and you will have the chance to explore wildlife on foot. Head to the hippo pools and learn more about hippos; their breeding patterns, what they feed on, how to escape from a hippo attack etc.

  1. Giraffe Center

The much-anticipated giraffe center is located on the edge of the National Park. Tourists engage, and bond with the endangered Rothschild’s giraffes face to face. Giraffe center stands on a luxurious guesthouse known as Giraffe Manor, and its main objective is to instill conservational minds in both children and adults.

This top tourist destination displays informational data about these graceful long-lashed beauties. It provides you with a raised ground that allows you to feed the giraffes some exceptional pellets at eye level. You can imagine how spectacular the images captured when you are feeding these creatures would be. It is, of course, one of the most unforgettable places to visit when touring Nairobi.

  1. Uhuru and Central Park

Nairobi boasts of the most beautiful parks, and gardens in Africa, and these two are among the most spectacular you’ll see around. Found along Uhuru Highway these two parks offer a serene environment for bonding with loved ones and even family time.

The surroundings are covered with carpet-looking green grass and trees that provide shade from the scorching sun giving you a remarkable experience. Whether you are there for recreational activities or having a short break from the busy street life, you are surely covered. From the parks, you can decide to do a boat ride in the peaceful water collection, and other exciting activities such as camel riding, quad bike riding, or hang out on the glamorous podium for national events. Uhuru Park is an admirable retreat for both tourists and locals.

  1. Village Market

Make your way to the extravagant and majestic village market. It is an extensive leisure facility with lots of fun and exciting activities to do. It is by far the most extensive Recreation, Entertainment and shopping destination in East Africa.

It has over 150 outlets, and it covers a retail space of 210,000 square feet. The village market also includes ample office space and a recreation facility that houses a 12-lane bowling alley. Here you will also find hi-tide waterslides and mega cinema halls where you can watch movies. There are gym and fitness facilities available in case you need to keep fit. You will also find an ocean-theme playground for kids in the village market, among various other fun activities for both kids and adults. Several restaurants and pizza inns can be found here in case your stomach complains during lunch hour.

  1. Bomas of Kenya

Are you thrilled by learning about different cultures and ethnicities? Then this is the place for you. The Bomas of Kenya houses many cultural practices and arts from distinct communities that are displayed. The site is only a few minutes’ drive from the CBD.

It showcases the diversity of the Kenyan ethnic groups via their traditional dances, music, and live acrobatic shows. The place has recreated traditional huts and villages that were used by the ancient communities. Visit this tourist destination to learn more about the Kenyan ethnic groups and their backgrounds.

  1. Amazing Shopping Malls

Nairobi has the most fantastic and flashy shopping malls to dine and shop from. There are several shopping malls within the confines of the city, such as the Galleria Mall. This mall can be found some few kilometers away from the city center along Lang’ata road. It is in a serene and relaxed environment that is ideal for shopping and relaxing.

You could also shop at the two mega malls along Thika road. These are the Garden city mall and Thika road mall. Both malls have a lot to offer in terms of quality goods and chill spots. There are also fun activities to undertake while at the mall, such as indoor rock climbing, among other fantastic games. This is without forgetting the ever blaring two rivers mall. It is located along Limuru road and has a lot to offer to tourists. There are more than you can imagine games to engage in, and you will also have the chance to climb aboard the “Eye of Nairobi.” These are places you don’t want to miss once in Nairobi.

  1. Finix Casino

This is a place where you can behave like a high roller, but you are not rolling high. It is basically a house of sheer fun and enjoyment. In case you are a gambler, and you love engaging in casino games and such fun, then this is the place to head to.

The casino offers a variety of games, and all you have to do is choose your poison wisely. You could be going home with a fortune, yet you were out there to enjoy a good time with friends, maybe.

  1. Visit Karura Forest

This evergreen forest is within the vicinity of the city. It is open to visitors who share a love for the natural habitat and nature. However, an entry fee is charged, and all the proceeds are aimed at maintaining the forest and securing it from destruction.

This is a very cool place where you can bond with nature and your loved ones all at once. The environment there is quiet and serene for bird-watching and taking long romantic walks. You can decide to jog on the trails or hire a bike or even dog-walking. Many people fancy cool places when they want to reorganize and restructure their lives, and the environment here will give you that peace of mind.

  1. Panari Sky Center

It is a state of the art facility that is located along Mombasa road. The place houses other theatres and shopping malls in the capital. It is famous for the exuberant ice skating rink. This skating rink is just on another level and the only of its kind in the whole of East Africa.

Make your way there to this top tourist destination in Nairobi and enjoy skating activities with your family and friends. Bottom Line Nairobi has been on the bucket list of most travelers and visitors. It is by no means a top tourist destination for many tourists and these are the main places that make it stand out. There are many luxurious hotels and cultural sites to enjoy Kenyan culture and ethnicity. You will have the opportunity to tour and enjoy the beautiful skyscrapers in the buzzing city life. You could go to the top of KICC, where there is a unique helipad landing. Enjoy the magnificence of the city from the top of one of the tallest buildings in East Africa. From here, you see the astonishing beauty of Kenya’s capital.