George and Joy Adamson Museum

Engrossed with yellow fever trees, sisal, and candelabra euphorbia, Elsamere, as it is popularly known, is the original home to the late Joy Adamson. She was the author of the top-selling book Born Free. She purchased the house in 1967 together with her husband; she was responsible for most of the writing and painting works on the building.

Elsamere is an accommodation at Lake Naivasha that has got quite a history. It is where George and Joy Adamson spent the last years of their lives, and now it has been converted to a museum and accommodation destination for tourists in the Rift Valley.

Why Elsamere?

The museum revives the memories of Born Free from back in the 1960s. The place is also famous for serving visitors with European-style tea even today. This museum has reserved numerous items that belonged to the late couple, such as literature, paintings, and also the movie itself of the great friendship between humans and a wild animal.

Visiting tourists have the chance to watch the Born Free movie in this center. The legendary story is about how Joy found the orphaned lioness and named her Elsa. They raised her with the husband, and this was the commencement of a great companionship between the couple and the lion. The lion was later returned to the wild after making memories with the Adamson’s and was grown enough to take care of herself.

From this small museum is where you will enjoy fascinating insights and intriguing truths about the Adamsons and their passion for wildlife. The story of Elsa and the Adamsons was so immense that it still stands out as one of its kind. Numerous movies and books have acknowledged that this was the greatest story involving humans and animals.

Food served at this unique destination is top quality, and most of the visitors say they wish their stay could be a bit longer. The facility is also in a very serene environment where nature manifests all its glorious touch here. From the sizzling breeze of the lake to the chirping of the birds from the trees to the bewildering and colorful colobus monkeys, the conservation center lets you feel so natural and relaxed.

Wildlife Conservation Centre

Elsamere conservancy found in the Rift Valley carries on with the work that the fantastic couple had started: to take care of wildlife. The center is committed to ensuring that people learn about the importance of caring for wildlife. An education center was set up where students and pupils, among other people, are taught how crucial it is to conserve the environment and all its inhabitants.

Visitors to the center are also treated with a boat ride in Lake Naivasha and experience breathtaking views of the surrounding environment as they take photos. There is accommodation for visitors who may want to get more of the facility than just a one-day retreat. Flamboyant n-suite cottages characterize the accommodation here, and they are named after pets that belonged to Joy Adamson.

Bottom Line

Discover Elsamere and all that the center has to offer. Learn about the great historical story of Elsa and her caregiver Joy Adamson. In the facility, you will also learn a lot about the environment and how you can care for it to sustain it for an extended period.

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