Gorgeous Fresh Flowers in Naivasha

Kenya is widely known as the leading export country of fresh-cut flowers to the European Union. It is estimated that Kenya’s market share is around 38%, and almost 65% of the flowers are sold via Dutch auctions. However, direct sales for the exported flowers are rising at a substantial rate.

The main areas in the country that produce these flowers include areas around Lake Naivasha, Nakuru, Kiambu, Nyandarua, Kericho, Athi River, among other areas. The flower industry has grown tremendously in Kenya, with every year recording new volumes in exports. It is a lucrative decision to visit the flower farms in Rift Valley and understand about this leading income earner for the country as export.

Flower Plantations around Naivasha

There are numerous flower farms found around Lake Naivasha. That is just a few kilometers from Kenya’s capital Nairobi. Most are located around the lake since the climatic conditions there are quite favorable for floriculture, and there is, of course, sufficient water for irrigation.

In fact, this region around Lake Naivasha constitutes the larger share of exported fresh-cut flowers even though other areas also make a contribution. There are extensive greenhouses used to house the flowers, and from a high point gives a breathtaking view.

Some of the greenhouses and flower farms are situated in a raised position giving you panoramic views of the lake and all its surrounding. Lake Naivasha is a vast mass of water, and from the flower farms, you can be able to see some scenic features, including the famous crescent island. The ecosystem around the flower farms is unique as the farms are always about taking proper care of the environment.

These companies have benefitted the locals a lot in many aspects. Flower plantations have been housing their workers in well-maintained camps with modern amenities and facilities. Visit the residential area and have a good time interacting with the locals. The residential neighborhoods are developed as there is running water and electricity throughout.

Main Attractions

Flower farms around Lake Naivasha welcome tourists to visit their farms and learn more about floriculture. You will be taken around the farms as you see and encounter different kinds of fresh flowers. There is a variety of flowers grown in these floricultural farms, and they include roses, lilies, eryngiums. Carnations, gypsophila, alstroemeria, statice, arabicum, and hypericum alongside other flowers are also grown here.

It should, however, be noted that these farms do not export all the flowers produced. Some fresh cut flowers are sold just locally in Mombasa and Nairobi. They could be flowers for special occasions or for use at home or office as decorations.

Final Thoughts

It is a must-visit destination once in the Rift Valley. Floriculture is the main economic activity carried out around Lake Naivasha, aside from fishing. It is believed that almost 2 million Kenyans benefit from the flower farms both directly and indirectly.

So why should you not visit the leading exporters for the country and learn more about fresh cut flowers? From the farms, you will also enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Mt. Longonot, and the surrounding landscape that has a unique hilly topography.

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