Lord Egerton Castle: The Power of Love

Ever heard of the heart wrenching broken love story that went down years ago in Kenya? Well, this is where you will learn about the intriguing story of a man who once fell for a girl. He decided to build a castle for her since she kept rejecting him because of the “tiny houses” he had.

In the Rift Valley is where you will learn about a majestic castle in Kenya and the circumstances that led to its construction. So what happened? Just a recap.

Maurice Egerton

He was born in a family of Lords, which was popularly known as Barons of Egerton. Lord Maurice Egerton succeeded his father and thereby inherited his riches and wealth since the siblings had died. He had a passion for photography and hunting, and these two made him look for places to hunt and capture stunning pictures.

Maurice found his way to Africa via Rhodesia, which is modern day Zimbabwe, traversed via Congo to Uganda, and finally found himself in Kenya in the Rift Valley. It is where he stayed for the rest of his life after being convinced by Lord Delamere to stay here and practice agriculture.

Maurice bought a massive chunk of land from Lord Delamere that covered parts of Molo, Rongai, all the way to Egerton University. Since he is from a royal family, customs demanded that he should marry a lady with a similar status, and he found a pretty beauty that was associated with Queen Elizabeth’s lineage. Maurice constructed a cottage which had four rooms and invited her thinking she would be impressed.

To his disappointment, the lady did not finish up two hours on the premises. She said that’s a bird’s nest and there was no way she could live there. That prompted Maurice to foresee the construction of something massive, something huge, something more impressive, and this was the biggest castle in Kenya.

It’s a No

The 52 –roomed mansion was sufficient to woo the woman of his dreams, thought Maurice. Construction project rolled out in 1938, where Albert Brown was the architect mandated to see

its completion alongside Italian workers and numerous Red Indian workers. The lady was still not overwhelmed and compared the humongous castle to a dog’s kennel.


She instead went to Australia and got married to another British Lord who seemed to have won her heart with the palace he had set up in Kangaroo dessert. Lord Egerton was very heartbroken and devastated, but he still completed the mansion. It was fully furnished after completion with a master bedroom, children’s room, and several other rooms, alleyways, barricades, confinements, among other partitions.

However, the megastructure arose misogyny for women in Lord Egerton since his dream wife had belittled his status and wealth. No female was to be seen anywhere near his mansion and land lest they want to be rained on with bullets. He was so devastated that he only spent four years in his castle until he met his death.

Final Thoughts

Visit the majestic castle in Kenya and specifically in Rift Valley to understand more about this saddening love story. There is so much to it than just a picture of the castle. The next time you are visiting Kenya, make sure you stop at this historic castle.

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